Is Your Business Website Going To Make It?

Are you lost in the buzz of what to do with your website? Have you been burned in the past?

The old days of Search Engine Optimization was relegated to how well you could optimize your website (keywords etc.) and who you could get to link to you (how many other sites were voting for your site). These are called on-page and off-page SEO strategies respectively. The Internet and promoting your website here in 2010 are much different.

  • On-page consisted of keywords, title, description, Headline tags, keyword density, alt tags, proper anchor text for interna links and other methodologies.
  • Off-page consisted of link building from other website owners using good keyword anchor text.

New Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Realities of 2010

Today, in 2010, for competitive industries like real estate, mortgages, insurance, etc. these SEO strategies are not sufficient for keeping your website at the top of the search engines for your targeted business interests. The old search engines used to solely rely on static websites to populate the search results that that they displayed to their users doing searches. This is just not so in 2010.

The search engines are now looking at news sites, social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, video websites, and press release websites in addition to all of the other sites out there, including yours. With all of these sources out there, powerful “trusted” sources like FaceBook, Twitter, CNN, Reuters, and Youtube delivering up to the minute content to the search engines like Google static websites cannot keep up with staying relavant. As a result of this shift in where search engines look for information the online marketing world has gotten far more complex requiring website owners to step up their game plan to include a multi-faceted approach.

We are not going to minimize the dire need that website owners have with their websites and their lack of proper SEO if they want a legitimate chance to come up in the search engines. In fact, traditional SEO on their website is the starting point, whereas in the past it used to be the frontier of marketing online. A good on-page and off-page SEO campaign is essential for any website as it tells the search engines what the site is about.

Search Engine Marketing Strategies For 2010 – Are You Staffed For These?

  • Optimizing image files on websites – ensure that each image has a descriptive keyword or keyword phrase so that the image can be found in the search engines.
  • Produce and publish videos and slideshows – this method of marketing has exploded with the onset of YouTube. Over 60% of Internet searchers would rather watch a video about how to do something than read about it. But not only publishing your video on YouTube is enough, you then have to tell your audience (clients) about it and have them go vote and make comments about it. There at least different sites to publish on. Do you have the tools to do this?
  • Press releases and news wires – the search engines are looking at these sources for the latest and greatest information. You can get a lot of distance out of a carefully planned PR campaign both for direct traffic to your company as well as SEO benefit with backlinking from other websites.
  • Are you local – if you are a locally based business, you can do local SEO – this is a whole different animal for larger more national companies. Getting found for local geo targeted searches is a great opportunity – it is also a great opportunity for your customers to comment online and make recommendations about your business – all designed to help your rankings grow.
  • Blog, Blog, Blog – we know for some of you this sounds like either “blah blah blah” or “more work, more work, more work”. Well, how serious are you about your company’s survival moving forward from 2010? Every business has news happening around it that affects their business. You should umm…needs to be informing your clients and potential clients about news affecting the products and services that your company offers. We, people, buy from people we trust – your customers and potential customers will learn to trust you and buy from you if you are giving them updated news information.
  • Second point about blogs – content on the Internet is king. If you are publishing content on a daily or almost daily basis your website will rise above those companies who do not. Google and the search engines love fresh up to date content. If you give it, you’ll be rewarded with rankings and ultimately customers.
  • Social media marketing – are you on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter? You should be, if you don’t know to these services work you need to learn about them. They are very powerful if done correctly. It is all about relationship building, trust building, and referrals – isn’t this what we’ve done for years with a business card, mixers and shaking hands? It has been an effective way to build business – well social media marketing is doing the same thing, but online.
  • Do you have a product – if you have a product have you submitted it to Google? If not, do so it will help your products thus you get found in the search engines. Again, getting found in the search engines will bring visitors and visitors will hopefully lead to buying customers.
  • Conversion tools – There are two names to the game with your website – get people to it and then get them to buy from you. Getting them to buy from you is all about conversion tools. How is your website set up for conversion? This is a whole science and strategy in itself. Conversion analysis and implementation will make a huge difference for your website and your bottom line.
  • Is your site graphically up to date – if your site was build over three years ago, it is time for you to consider an oil change and a new paint job. Website design changes and you have to change with it. If not, your site quickly looks out dated and visitors know it.

With the above list you should have a better idea about what is involved with your online marketing strategy. Excelnet Media offers these services to our clients in bundled packages. When you become our client we blend these tactics to help you reach our online goals. If you are not our customer yet, we should talk about how we can help you with growing your business on the net. Afterall, print is dead, TV is dieing, Radio is limited – the net is the next frontier – are you going to the edge or going to be left behind?

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